The origin of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

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Without a doubt, one of the most important events, if not the most important.
Voiles de Saint-Tropez

It’s a bit of a long story, narrated so many times.

Two boats, “Pride” and “Ikra” which, one day in September 1981, challenge each other for the game.
The coastal course announced a departure from the tower of Portalet (Saint-Tropez) to join the “Club 55” (private beach in the bay of Pampelonne) where Patrice de Colmont gave the winner an improvised cup called “the Club 55 Cup”.
The rendezvous for the following year brings other friends into the challenge. The event has just been born, Patrice de Colmont will make it grow in a family spirit that will make the famous “Nioulargue” unique. A tragic accident in 1995 put the Nioulargue to sleep.

The event could have sunk to a fatal end but thanks to the special attention of the competitors and so many others, this October gathering found its place again in Saint-Tropez in 1999.
The event, now called the “Voiles de Saint-Tropez”, took up the torch with the desire to keep the spirit of yesteryear.


– Gathering of different classes of modern and traditional sailing yachts (up to 300 yachts).
– Coming from several experienced and recognized sailors.
– Two coastal courses per day: one for modern and one for classic yachts with a delayed start. Note that if the weather permits, there are a total of 5 days of regatta for the moderns and 4 for the Traditions with, in addition, a day dedicated to the challenges launched “the 55 cup club” (registered and managed by the race committee, the boats challenge each other).
– Sportivity, conviviality and festivity are de rigueur;
– Admire, film, photograph…this fairy-tale show of nuances, a true panorama of multiple sails and landscape tones, a palette of colours unique to Saint-Tropez!


Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez will be taking place from September 28th to October 6th 2024

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